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To have a peaceful Afghanistan where people from all walks of life can enjoy arts and life. Art inspires us all.


Mastooraat is home for local artists, performers and exhibitioners to showcase their work. We organize and curate exhibitions, deliver workshops and lectures; and provide educational opportunities in Art.

Post-Doha Settlement: Governance, Women and Youth

Fatimah Hossaini 

'Co-founder - President' 

Fatimah Hossaini is an internationally known artist, 2020 Hypatia award winner and the Founder and President of Mastooraat Art Organization. Fatimah received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography from University of Tehran and another BS in Industrial Engineering from Azad University. She also teaches photography as a lecturer at art faculty of Kabul University. She has curated and organized tens of exhibitions in Afghanistan and abroad. Her work has been featured and displayed in group exhibitions and art festivals in Iran, Afghanistan, USA, India, Turkey, South Korea, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Albania and France. Additionally, Fatimah’s work has been printed and featured in local and international publications such as BBC, Guardian, Held Collective, Art Represent, Outriders, Chiiz Magazine, Ciin Magazine, LensCulture, and TRT World.


Sharif Safi

'Co-founder and Managing Director' 

Sharif Safi is 2017 N-Peace Award Winner, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mastooraat Art Organization. Sharif is also a youth activist, United States Institute of Peace GCFP Fellow and a former university lecturer. He has more than seven years of experience in project management and communications. Sharif has organized tens of youth and art programs in Kabul and nationwide. He is also the founder of Real Men Campaign, a grassroots social movement aimed at raising awareness on gender equality, violence against women, and gender-based violence. Likewise, Sharif is the Steering committee member of Generation Positive, a youth-led organization with a network of hundreds of volunteers across Afghanistan. Sharif holds a bachelor degree in Economics and Management. 


We envision a peaceful Afghanistan where people from all walks of life can enjoy arts and life. Art inspires us all.


Our mission is to promote artistic growth that inspires passion, creativity, education and expression of contemporary fine arts and crafts by supporting and encouraging local emerging and established artists, mounting exhibitions, collecting, presenting classes, workshops, art fairs, the sale and rental of artworks, community outreach, lectures and other educational activities that promote and enrich the economic, cultural and community importance of the visual arts. We are dedicated to foster and support both appreciation and creation of art; and address social challenges through art. Our team is dedicated to increase access to the arts for all by supporting extensive outreach and educational opportunities in the arts.